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Dill Seed, Whole

Dill Seed, Whole

Size: 1 oz or as requested

Description: Whole Dill Seed

Dill Seed, Whole Details:

 The seeds can be added to bread recipes for a flavor boost. Dill is one of the main seasonings used in great many pickle recipes. Cucumbers are not the only vegetable that can be pickled; you might select green beans, small beets and zucchini slices to pickle. Potato salads are marvelous when dill is added. You can make a sour cream and mayonnaise-based dip that features the flavor of dill to serve with small toasted bread points, chips or crudité.  Salmon and cod are especially lovely with a light dill dressing served over it. Pasta dishes with chicken become brighter in the mouth when dill is added. Recipes containing starches often turn to dill for added flavor. Cornbread is one example, as are potatoes roasted in oil.

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