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Bar-B-Que Spice - Saltless

Bar-B-Que Spice - Saltless

Size: 1 oz or as requested

Description: Bar-B-Que Spice

Bar-B-Que Spice - Saltless Details:

Great flavor to your steaks, chops, ribs and chicken pieces when rubbed into the surface of the meat before placing them on the grill. BBQ spice mix also can be used to boldly season vegetable dishes featuring beans, potatoes and squash.

Ingredients: Organic tomato, organic onion, natural smoke flavoring, organic paprika, organic black pepper, organic garlic, organic celery seed, organic mustard seed, micro crystalline cellulose (a natural anti-caking agent), organic lemon peel, organic allspice, organic cinnamon and organic cloves.

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