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Black Cube Cookware

Black Cube Cookware

Size: Various

Description: Non-Stick Stainless Steel frying pans and saucepans

Black Cube Cookware Details:

BlackCube High Performace Cookware is the world's first hybrid cookware with the ultimate cooking surface!  BlackCube is cookware that brings you stainless steel cooking results and cleans like non-stick.  All the benifits of stainless steel and non-stick cookware, with no compromises.  We have the 8, 9 1/2 and 11 inch fry pans, the 9 1/2 inch Chef's pan, and the 6 1/2, 8, and 9 1/2 qt sauce pans. 


Dishwasher safe

Oven safe to 500o F

Tri-Ply construction

Metal utensil safe

Safe for all cooktops including induction!

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