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Tumeric Root Powder, Organic and Non-Organic

Tumeric Root Powder, Organic and Non-Organic

Size: 1 oz or as required

Description: Organic or Non-Organic Tumeric root Powder

Tumeric Root Powder, Organic and Non-Organic Details:

One of the most easily recognizable spices used in middle eastern cuisine, turmeric (Curcumas longa) has a slightly bitter, warm taste. A close relation to ginger.  It is often used as part of food seasonings for spicy curries and pungent mustards. Like other strong organic spices, turmeric is typically used in a ground form for culinary purposes.  Although turmeric has a particularly distinctive flavor, it does diminish over time.  To insure the most robust taste from this organic seasoning, it is a good idea to purchase enough for use rather than long-term storage.  Use an airtight container kept away from direct sunlight to maximize the lifespan of turmeric's potency.

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