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Organic Crystallized Ginger Chunks

Organic Crystallized Ginger Chunks

Size: 1 oz or as requested

Description: Organic Crystallized Ginger Chuinks

Organic Crystallized Ginger Chunks Details:

Ginger is a carminative, expectorant and sialagogue. It should not be used by people who have gallstones. 

Your morning yogurt can be enhanced with an addition of chewy granola and Ginger sprinkled on top. Pies made from mincemeat or pumpkin may also benefit from the addition of Ginger to the recipe.

Stir fries offer an excellent way to incorporate Ginger Root Powder into your recipes. Your favorite thinly sliced meat gets cooked first in hot oil, and then sliced vegetables, with the thicker or tougher ones cooked longer and the more delicate ones cooked shorter. At the vegetable cooking stage, you can add Ginger to flavor the dish, or incorporate it into any sauce used to dress the dish.  Barbecue sauces benefit from the addition of a little bit of ginger. Other sauces, such as sugar syrups, can be used for poaching fruit such as pears, and Ginger makes a lovely addition to complement the fruit flavors. Mayonnaise can be seasoned with a pinch of ginger, making it a wonderful and flavorful condiment to use with burgers.

Ingredients: OrganicCrystallized ginger has organic cane sugar added.

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