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Gumbo File Powder, Saltfree

Gumbo File Powder, Saltfree

Size: 1 oz or as requested

Description: Gumbo File Powder

Gumbo File Powder, Saltfree Details:

Ingredients: Pure sassafras leaf powder. SALT FREE!

Gumbo file seasoning is added at the end of the recipe for gumbo. Gumbo begins with what is known as a roux, which is equal parts flour and oil or butter slow-cooked over low heat. The butter is melted in the pan, and then the flour sprinkled over the butter. Use a whisk to keep the mixture moving and to constantly scrape the bottom of the pan, because it can easily burn. After the roux is at the color you prefer, add rich chicken or seafood stock to it, to create gravy. You can separately cook the meats, seafood and vegetables, then add them to the roux mixture. After it is cooked, take the gumbo off the heat and add in a small amount of gumbo file to flavor and thicken the dish.

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